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Daniel LaBelle is one of the most prominent creators on both TikTok and Youtube. With more than 52 MILLION followers. his light hearted, physical comedy continues to inspire, encourage and make people laugh. It was and continues to be, a wonderful experience for me to work with someone who is creating content with a positive vibe that makes children and adults alike, laugh. His videos have had more than 10 BILLION views.

I had the opportunity to create his all new branding, social media presence, video thumbnails, swag concepts and more. This work is ongoing as we reimagine video thumbnails, animations, and more.

When creating Daniel's final icon and logo we worked on more than 100 options with a focus on ideas usch as motion, fun, uplifting while simultaneously creating something that had a vintage vibe (think Nintendo 64 or Back To the Future). It was a long process but was a lot of fun to move in various directions and keep experimenting with possibilities.
colour palette & BRAND ELEMENTS

As previously describe the goal was to create something fun, youthful, engaging and exciting. When working on this palette it was crucial to use colour with strong vibrancy that would have strong contrast and showcase the energy behind his videos. Strong contrast between the colour allows for a variety of uses. 

The idea of motion became a central focus for the final designs. Using vintage influences of comic books, movie posters and gaming systems we landed on an idea of using two arrows. These arrows convey motion and even "fast forward" scrubbing for watching videos. We were able to infuse these arrows into a "full" version of the logo that includes his name. The gradient and the angles of the word mark continue to push the idea of motion.

For social media icons and cove images, I created a variety of options from which to choose which also are carried over to YouTube thumbnails. Motion, again, is incredibly key. Fun is also paramount

We've spent a good deal of time using the elements from the brand to create video thumbnails. The splatter, the arrows pattern and the icon are all integral to the success of the designs. In addition, we use blur effects and gradients to achieve a strong focus on the subject and to create bright/enthusiastic designs that feel as if there is a great deal of motion. 

For this design I incorporated a great deal of animation and tried to keep some "nods" to comic designs (notice the buttons). Using the palette colours really helps bring enthusiasm to the overall design. This site was created with mobile users in mind as his audience primarily engages with his content on platforms such as Tim Tok and YouTube. It was great to work with both animators and developers to create unique hero section as well as the footer. 

We are working on clothing and other accessories as well as the stickers below. More to come!


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